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Books for Screen

See the books available for option in SDGI's partnership with Publishing Ireland

Since 2018, each year SDGI has partnered with the Irish collective of publishers, Publishing Ireland to host a presentation of Irish books with available screen rights exclusive to SDGI directors.

Once a year, all Ireland’s major publishers present their top available books everything from contemporary mysteries to period sagas biography and true histories, for a diverse range of audiences. As well as those presenting Irish book publishers are present to discuss the books directors are interested in and discuss the process of optioning a book.

This is an empowering way for directors to kickstart their own development process. Directors come away with an understanding of range of stories being told in Ireland today and an analysis of the key trends of Irish readers today and into the future and maybe even an option deal signed for their next project.

The collection of books available for screen for directors to consider is published on SDGI’s website.  If you are interested in any book feel free to contact the publisher directly. Irish publishers are open and approachable to talk to anyone in the screen industry.

You can see contact details of all Irish publishers and more information on their website