About Us

Established in 2000, the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) is the representative body for directors involved in the Irish and international audiovisual industry. These include directors of feature films, fiction, documentary, television drama, short films, commericals and animation. The guild has a number of core objectives designed to support Irish screen directors and promote Irish directors on a national and international scale:

  • To promote the economic and creative rights of the screen director and awareness of their work, role and status as artists.
  • To represent the screen directors of Ireland nationally and internationally, and create a comprehensive support and network infrastructure.
  • To encourage dialogue between film and arts organisations for the creative quality and diversity within audio-visual culture.

Moving pictures move people — the screen is the medium of our age. Irish stories on the screen move our culture, and move us onto the world stage. It’s an industry of thousands, reaching out to millions. At its heart, are our members, the directors.

So we support them like our stories depend on it. With mentorships for learning, with panels for discussion. With events for networking, with awards for recognition, and with advocacy for rights. We support the creative, for great stories imagined. We support the bold — for great stories resourced. We support the directors — for great stories told.

The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland is a member of the European Federation of Directors Organizations (FERA), and is affiliated to the International Affiliation of English Speaking Directors Organizations (IAESDO). SDGI receives funding from Screen Ireland, BAI, RTE, Culture Ireland.

Board of Directors

  • Susanne Bier

    Honorary Member
  • Andrea Arnold

    Honorary Member
  • Michael Apted (1941-2021)

    Honorary Member
  • Arnaud Desplechin

    Honorary Member
  • Pete Doctor

    Honorary Member
  • Michel Gondry

    Honorary Member
  • Oliver Hirschbiegel

    Honorary Member
  • George Morrisson

    Honorary Member
  • Alan Parker (1944-2020)

    Honorary Member
  • Lone Scherfig

    Honorary Member
  • Ben Wheatley

    Honorary Member

Manifesto 2022


    SDGI’s aims to create a better working environment for directors through the introduction of a Minimum Terms Agreement with Screen Producers Ireland. Covering theatric and television projects based off European, UK and US, it establishes common working best practices for producers working with directors on both film and television projects.


    Irish directors working in the audiovisual sector deserve a right to quality, affordable long-term training and career development. SDGI works with Screen Skills Ireland and newly established Skillnet to increase skills of all Irish directors of all any gender, race or age in a globally competitive audiovisual sector.


    Women directors are grossly under-represented in Irish film and television employment. SDGI’s campaign works with key Irish stakeholders to improve the access and opportunity for women directors working in film and TV. Through campaigning and working groups we work towards 50% participation across genres and career stages.


    Engagement between broadcasters and directors is vital to the long term sustainability of the Irish Film and Television Industry — and more is needed. Drama is the single biggest director-related growth opportunity for broadcasters. SDGI supports maximising the collection of TV license fees and addressing the high evasion rate.


    For too long Irish directors have lost revenue from outdated, ineffectual Irish copyright law. SDGI supports the new EU copyright directive (approved by Council of the European Union in 2019) encompassing digital use and equitable remuneration — to ensure Irish content delivers fair maximum return to Irish directors and the exchequer.


    SDGI works to address the current anomaly in revenue practice regarding the Artists’ Tax Exemption. Audiovisual directors are not expressly included — despite being acknowledged legally as co-authors of audiovisual works. Fixing the anomaly will help maintain and sustain filmmakers residing in Ireland.


    Continued investment in Screen Ireland is essential for the Irish audiovisual industry, building on the global success of the CHG Audiovisual Action Plan. SDGI supports the Screen Ireland strategy to divide the production corridor with directors and writers. Diversity of support increases the sustainability of creatives alongside producers.


    Directors have been the prime originators of some of our most successful films both as directors and writer/directors. SDGI lobbies for more development funding available for directors to instigate and innovate content creation and back directing talent at critical moments of their development — in both film and local and international drama development.