Ruth Meehan

Documentary + Film Director


  • The Bright Side
    2020 — Feature Film — 100 mins
  • Red Rock
    2015 — TV Series 4 × — 22 mins
  • Men And Women
    2013 — Short Film — 13 mins
  • The Measure Of A Man
    2012 — Short Film — 12 mins
  • Lilou
    2010 — Short Film — 1 mins
  • The Silent One
    2010 — Feature Film
  • One In Six
    2009 — Documentary — 90 mins
  • Masters Not Partners
    2007 — TV Documentary
  • The Privatisation Of Patagonia
    2007 — TV Documentary
  • No Place Like Home
    2007 — TV Series
  • Nios Gaelli…
    2007 — TV Series
  • Art’s Lives: Art For Sale
    2006 — Documentary
  • West Of Eden
    2005 — Feature Film
  • Art’s Lives: Stealing Beauty
    2005 — Documentary
  • What In The World
    2004 — Documentary Series
  • Imagining Ulysses
    2004 — Documentary
  • Minimum Wage
    2004 — Commercial
  • And The Red Man Went Green
    2003 — Short Film — 2 mins
  • Music By Water
    2002 — Feature Film
  • Bitter Autumn, Bright Winter
    2002 — Short Film — 18 mins
  • Close
    2000 — Short Film — 17 mins
  • 2021 — Nominee
    Prague International Film Festival — Febiofest Grand Prix. The Bright Side
  • 2006 — Winner
    Encounters International Film Festival — DepicT! Award for Live Action. And The Red Man Went Green
  • 2003 — Winner
    Tehran Film Festival — Kodak Prize. And The Red Man Went Green

Ruth Meehan is a writer and director who has been producing award-winning work for both film and television in Ireland and Britain since 1998.

She is a graduate of both Dublin City University (BA honors in Communications) and of the NFTS in Beaconsfield, UK (MA in Screenwriting) where her short film ‘Numb’ received a special commendation at the Edinburgh Film Festival. In 2002 Ruth wrote and directed the short film ‘And The Redman Went Green’ for Universal Studios, London. The film has won five major prizes; the Special Jury Prize at the Tehran Film Festival, the Prix Canal+ at Brest and the DepicT! ’06 Award at the Encounters Short Film Festival in the UK and the Kodak Prize at the Raindance Festival, UK.

Over the past decade, Ruth has directed award-winning documentaries including the groundbreaking ‘What In The World’ series for RTE, which won a Radhard award in 2006 for her documentary on Child Labour in India. She was a co-director on ‘Imagining Ulysses’, an RTÉ/Blueprint Pictures feature-length documentary which won the top prize, the Gold Hugo Award for Arts and Culture, at the esteemed Chicago Intercom Film Festival.

Along with her documentary work, Ruth has also developed three feature films with development funding from the Irish Film Board; ‘Music By Water’ (2002), ‘West Of Eden’, (2005) and ‘The Silent One’ (2010). In 2011 Ruth was commissioned to write the feature film ‘Raven On The Wing’ for Bedlam Productions, London (‘The King’s Speech’). In 2012 she was a recipient of the Screen Director’s Guild Arri Alexa award for writing and directing ‘The Measure Of A Man’ and received the Film Offaly award in 2013 to direct an adaptation of Clare Keegan’s award-winning short story ‘Men And Women’, which is currently screening on RTE’s Shortscreenstrand.