Don’t’ miss out on advancing your career as a director. Join SDGI and be part of the Director’s community. We are at every table making your voice heard on the issues that matter. Our campaigns are driven by our collective strength and have your say in issues for directors.

Criteria to Join:

Two broadcast credits i.e., two films/TV shows screened at a recognised film festival (mid sized film festivals) or broadcast on television or SVOD.



Recommended Annual cost is €105, smaller or larger amounts accepted on payment. In accordance with SDGI Memo and Articles, to vote at the Annual Meeting of Directors, directors must be a paid up member


How to Join:

Fill out the application form giving contact details and work history. You can also pay your membership here and set up new profile or claim an existing profile.



When to join:

Membership is open year-round.


Don’t reach the criteria? 

SDGI is a Professional Membership organisation and serves as a dedicated advocate for directors, recognising their unique perspective. SDGI unfortunately does not accept students, individuals just starting (i.e. their first short credit), or individuals with a permanent professional position unrelated to directing. We look forward to welcoming all directors when the criteria apply.

Our Guild embraces the fundamental principle of openness. SDGI has a resolute stance against imposing paywalls. Extensive director resources are free and available to all on the SDGI website. Sign up for our newsletter to be included in our many year-round open events.

Our doors are open to all, regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what you believe. We recognise that diversity is our strength and are dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. We invite all individuals to join us, irrespective of their differences or financial means, and work together toward our common goals.

We encourage those who are not yet a professional director to explore the National Talent Academy and the Skills Department of Screen Ireland.