Tomek Ciezki

Documentary + TV Director


  • 112 Days Man vs Ocean
    2023 — Documentary
  • Samhlú Croí Cruthaitheach
    2021 — Docu series
  • Casadh na Taoide
    2021 — TV Special
  • The Mighty Ocean
    2021 — Short Film

Tomek is a Galway based documentary director with no official training. His adventure with filmmaking started in the early 2000s when he discovered the magic of editing while producing skate videos. 

Learning from the best people from the industry, while working on film sets in Ireland and getting hands on experience, paved his way to establishing Heavy Man Films, where he acts as the creative and managing director.

Tomek loves diving into mesmerising narratives that explore the paths of extraordinary humans and their unconventional pursuits.

With his documentaries he’s aiming to engage viewers in a deeper understanding of human complexities and desires.

And by shedding light on lesser-known stories Tomek challenges the viewers to see beyond the surface.

His dedication, combined with the authentic and honest storytelling approach, draws audiences into the rawness of human experiences.