Steven McKenna

Corporate/Promo + Film Director


  • Dreamtown
    2024 — Feature Film — 97 mins
  • Rum & Raisin
    2022 — Short — 16 mins
  • The Work Party
    2020 — Short — 21 mins
  • Lover Boy
    2018 — Short — 16 mins
  • 2022 — Winner
    Best Irish Short — Overall. Rum & Raisin
  • 2020 — Winner
    Best Comedy — Overall. The Work Party
  • 2018 — Nominated
    Best Score — Overall. Lover Boy

Steven McKenna is an award-winning filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been writing, producing, and directing his own films since graduating college which have gone on to win awards in Irish festivals across the country. His most recent two films Rum & Raisin and The Work Party have won Best Irish Short, and Best Comedy awards with his other films picking up nominations in similar categories. Lover Boy, another short film went to have a successful life online amassing over one million views.

As well as writing and directing, Steven has also composed music for all his films, as well as being hired on other projects, most notably Follow The Dead where he composed all the music for the indie feature.

Dreamtown is Steven’s first feature which he has written, produced, and directed. His love for film lies in creating compelling, larger than life characters, whose tragic stories connect with audiences on a deep emotional level and leave us with fond memories of the stories world.

He is also an avid movie collector.