Sharon Lawless

Film + TV Director


  • Adoption Stories
    2010 — TV Series Documentary 6 ×

I have over 30 years working in media, with a preference for film, TV and radio production. Much of my career has been as a business owner in the area of production, as well as marketing, advertising, PR and event management.

I like the responsibility of creating and producing compelling and fresh content with an eye to a wide market and believe that market is now an international one. I also like to keep up to date with emerging technologies and how projects can be future-proofed to add even more value. In general, new trends in media, business and international markets are of great interest to me and I like to be one step ahead when it comes to capitalizing on the next way of doing things.

While I have completed and immensely enjoyed many projects and campaigns in my career, my most recent production is a 6 part series for TV3 Ireland called “Adoption Stories”. I was across every aspect of it and worked with a great crew to make it visually striking, informative and compelling. I was very lucky and honoured to work with people who were prepared to tell their stories openly and honestly, making the series a success with critics and viewers alike. A seventh series will go into pre-production soon and a book featuring expanded versions of some of the stories was published in 2016.

I have also started filming for a feature documentary about illegal adoption in Ireland, which expanded to include the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Spain and Greece, so it is a long-term project.