Shane Hogan

Documentary + TV Director


  • Too Old for the Road?
    2017 — Feature Film — 50 mins
  • Kevin McGahern's America
    2016 — TV Series 3 × — 50 mins
  • Kevin McGahern's Fast & Furious
    2015 — Feature Film — 50 mins
  • There's No Charge for the Hat
    2013 — Feature Film
  • The Liberties
    2009 — Feature Film — 52 mins

Shane Hogan directed countless segments of Fashion Television for over a decade.

Shane also worked for Entertainment Tonight at Cannes Film Festival, World Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Laureus Sports Awards and Tennis Channel during the French Open at Roland Garros.

Together with Tom Burke, Shane was Co-Director of ‘The Liberties’ that screened at the IFI Stranger than Fiction Festival 2009 and on RTE One in September 2009. Shane is a co-founder of Areaman Productions.