Randal Plunkett

Film Director
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  • The Green Sea
    2021 — Feature Film — 104 mins
  • Joey Talk
    2012 — Short Film — 5 mins
  • Out There
    2012 — Short Film — 15 mins
  • Prey
    2011 — Short Film — 27 mins
  • Walt
    2011 — Short Film — 25 mins
  • The Bedroom
    2011 — Short Film — 9 mins
  • Kiss Kiss
    2010 — Short Film — 23 mins

Randal Plunkett is an award-winning Irish film director and producer from Dunsany, County Meath, Ireland. The Plunkett’s are one the oldest families in Ireland; Randal is able to trace his lineage directly to many famed and celebrated Plunkett ancestors.

Some of these include St. Oliver Plunkett, who was martyred at the hands of the British and whose head still resides in Drogheda today; Horace Plunkett, co-founder of the Irish agricultural Co-operative movement; John Merton Plunkett, the godfather of fantasy literature; and his father Edward Plunkett, the modern artist.

Randal Plunkett now is the head of the family and is the 21st Lord Dunsany. He grew up in the Plunkett family’s ancestral home, the historic Dunsany Castle, where many of his famous ancestors found inspiration before him.

Growing up surrounded by 900 years of family history and a sprawling collection of heirloom artifacts has left an indelible impression on Randal’s work, which has been described as ‘lush, macabre, gothic, and beautiful’.

He finds inspiration in the works of legendary directors David Lynch, Akira Kurosawa, Peter Greenaway, and Nicholas Ray, and is particularly drawn to the unnerving psychological storytelling of Roman Polanski.

Randal holds a degree in film studies from Kingston University in London and a degree in Digital Video from SAE Institute in London.