Pamela Drynam

Documentary Director


  • Unbreakable: True Lives
    2017 — Documentary
  • Where I Am
    2013 — Documentary — 70 mins
  • The Scottish Covenanters
    1998 — Documentary — 54 mins
  • 2013 — Honorable Mention
    Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival — Jury Prize. Where I Am

Pamela Drynam lives in Dublin, Ireland and is originally from Scotland. She was lucky to produce two films, ‘Chancers’ and ‘Gutted’, that won two Scottish BAFTAs.
Pamela worked with director Paul McGuigan on his feature documentary called ‘Little Angels’ and produced the award-winning series ‘Surgeons in Ireland’. Pamela comes from a theatrical background and enjoys the collaborative process of filmmaking.

She has made documentary films for RTE, BBC, PBS and Channel 4.