Mike Cockayne

Film Director


  • Hardy Bucks
    2010-2018 — TV Series — 30 mins
  • The Hardy Bucks Movie
    2013 — Feature Film — 90 mins
  • Joe Calzaghe - Undefeated
    2009 — Feature Documentary — 90 mins
  • Joe Calzaghe - My Life Story
    2008 — Feature Documentary — 90 mins
  • Ricky Hatton - A Life Story
    2007 — Feature Documentary — 90 mins
  • 2012 — Nomination
    IFTA — Best Entertainment Program. Hardy Bucks

Mike has an extensive film and television career spanning three decades. His is a multi award winning film maker having worked across most genres. He is recently known as co writer, producer and director for Hardy Bucks (4 seasons availably globally on Netflix) and co writer, producer and director for the Box Office No.1 Feature film The Hardy Bucks Movie for Universal Pictures (most successful Irish film of 2013).

He has made more that 20 documentaries in more than 40 countries, having filmed on every continent for some of the worlds biggest TV networks and global charities.

Mike’s feature documentary about world champion boxer Ricky Hatton was awarded ‘Best Sports Film’ by The Observer, ‘Best Sports DVD’ at the Home Entertainment Awards and still remains the most successful British boxing film ever.

He has made documentaries covering a wide variety of subject matter including the effects of the war in Sierra Leone, famine and drought in Sudan and Ethiopia, child sex workers in Northern India, street gangs in El Salvador, child education in the high regions of The Andes in Bolivia and the impact of AIDS in Zambia. 

Mike graduated with an Honours Degree in Film and Television Production at W.S.C.A.D, with his degree short ‘Aluminium Handshake’ winning the Fuji Film Award at B.A.F.T.A.