Irina Maldea

Animation + Documentary + Film Director
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    2018 — Documentary — 50 mins
  • Congo: An Irish Affair
    2011 — Documentary
  • Ar Intinn Eile
    2016 — TV Mini-Series Documentary 3 ×
  • Congo 1911
    2012 — Documentary
  • 2018 — Winner
    Radfiarc — Outstanding Achievement . BIAFRA
  • 2011 — Winner
    Access Cinema — Michael Dwyer Award. Congo: An Irish Affair
  • 2016 — Nominee
    IFTA — Best Irish Language. Ar Intinn Eile
  • 2012 — Winner
    IFTA — Best Documentary. Congo 1911

Irina Maldea (Ireland/Romania) – film director, editor. Her works spans a variety of roles and genres. Irina worked as a film editor in the Romanian national film studios. In Ireland, she continued to edit drama and documentary and began directing documentaries for broadcast and cinematic distribution, working with the Irish language TV station TG4, the Irish Film Board, RTE, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and the Arts Council. For the cinematic documentary “Congo and Irish Affair”, she was awarded the Access Cinema Award for most popular Irish film. Her series “Congo 1961” won the Irish Film and Television Academy Award for best documentary. Since 2018 Irina has been developing a series of experimental documentaries dealing with the individual experience when impacted by larger often catastrophic events. She is particularly interested in the subjects of emigration, propaganda and political.