Conor Dowling

Film Director


  • The Light of Day
    2014 — Feature Film — 85 mins
  • RTE's Operation Transformation
    2018 — Documentary
  • Carnivores
    2018 — Short Film
  • Noise
    2015 — Short Film — 10 mins
  • The Wrong God
    2021 — Short Film
  • Ace My Space
    2019 — TV Series 3 ×
  • Cosmic Legacy
    2017 — Short Film — 6 mins
  • Jackie and the Box
    2015 — Short Film — 3 mins
  • Curved Comedy
    2018 — Online Series
  • 2015 — Winner
    Clones Film Festival — Judge's Choice. Noise

Conor Dowling is a writer and director known for his work on the feature film The Light of Day, and his short films Noise, Cosmic Legacy and Carnivores. Conor is currently developing multiple film projects including short films, an animated feature film and a TV Pilot. When Conor is not busy writing and directing his own material, he earns a living as a TV Camera Operator on observational documentaries for RTE and TG4. Conor’s visual sensibility as a photographer and camera op feed into his creative work as a director. Conor’s diverse love of entertaining and thought provoking films inform his own body of work ranging from comedies and family films to musicals and horror films. His own shorts have screened around the world and his first feature films The Light of Day is now streaming on VOD.