Cathal Black

Film Director


  • Five Red Roses
    2018 — Documentary — 58 mins
  • Butterfly
    2014 — TV Film — 36 mins
  • Learning Gravity
    2007 — Feature Film — 60 mins
  • Love And Rage
    2001 — Feature Film — 100 mins
  • The Invisible World
    1997 — Documentary — 53 mins
  • Korea
    1995 — Feature Film — 87 mins
  • Pigs
    1984 — TV Feature — 78 mins
  • Our Boys
    1981 — Short Film — 42 mins
  • Wheels
    1976 — Short Film — 27 mins
  • 2008 — Nominee
    Irish Film and Television Awards — Best Single Documentary. Learning Gravity
  • 1995 — Winner
    Amiens International Film Festival — Special Jury Award . Korea
  • 2008 — Winner
    New York Television Awards — Silver Trophy. Learning Gravity
  • 1995 — Winner
    Copenhagen Film Festival — Asta Nielson Film Award for Direction. Korea
  • 1995 — Winner
    Amiens Film Festival — Special Jury Prize. Korea
  • 1995 — Runner-Up
    Seattle Film Festival — Best Film and Best Director. Korea
  • 1981 — Winner
    Melbourne Film Festival — Silver Boomerang Award for formal experimentation. Our Boys

Born in Dublin in 1952, Cathal Black was prominent in the first wave of indigenous film-making that evolved in Ireland in the 1970s. A true survivor in a country in which cinema is rarely allowed to be different, Black has persisted and delivered work of immense cinematic integrity that continually critiques the notion of Irishness itself. While his achievements (like that of the similarly stubborn Joe Comorford) have been sometimes overshadowed by the New Waves mainstream aspirations, Blacks talent and value as an Irish film-maker will not go unnoticed by future generations. He is in pre-production on a feature documentary on Irish/South African composer, Kevin Volans, and has just set up a new film company called Nightingale Films Ltd.

Learning Gravity is a documentary about Irish-American Poet and Undertaker Thomas Lynch.

The facts of life and death remain the same, Thomas Lynch, observes. We live and die, we love and grieve, we breed and disappear. And in between these existential gravities we search for meaning, save our memories, leave a record for those who will remember us.
White Man Sleeps – in pre-production. A feature documentary on Irish/South African contemporary composer, Kevin Volans. IFB/Arts Council/ZDF/3sat

The Velvet Road is a Feature Film co-written with Philip Davison.

This is the story of a young man who, in spite of formidable forces ranged against him, finds his second chance at loving. There is tragedy in The Velvet Road, but light burns brightest in the dark. The sharp reality of lives unraveling then coming together is depicted through poetic imagery.