Brian O’Glanby

Film Director
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  • Crossing Equilibrium
    2009 — Short Film
  • The Digital Era’
    2009 — Documentary
  • Playing God-Father
    2010 — Documentary
  • Shelved
    2012 — Documentary
  • Gently Down The Stream
    2012 — Short Film — 19 mins
  • Outside The Box
    2013 — Short Film — 12 mins
  • Last Battle For Adelaide
    2013 — Documentary
  • 2012 — Nominee
    Royal Television Society UK — Best Drama. Gently Down The Stream
  • 2013 — Nominee
    Cork International Film Festival — Grand Prix Cork . Outside The Box
  • 2012 — Winner
    Sparky Awards — Best Director. Gently Down The Stream
  • 2012 — Winner
    Sparky Awards — Best Drama. Gently Down The Stream
  • 2012 — Winner
    Sparky Awards — Best Research. Shelved
  • 2013 — Winner
    Fastnet Film Festival — Best Irish Short Film. Outside The Box

Brian began his Film & TV career in Hilversum Netherlands back in 1998 working in the Production Design Dept and spent a fantastic 6 years expanding on his creativity scope and vision. He took a break from the industry as his passion for music reared it’s wonderful head once again and lead him onto an unforgettable 8 year tour.

Brian then returned to the Film & TV world in 2009 combining filmmaking and music although with an inquisitive urge to expand on the more technical aspects of Film making. As a fledgling Director he attended the Irish Film Academy to explore the methods and visions of acting for film to enhance on the more performance driven Directors vista. Brian studied at St. Johns Central Collage Cork for two years graduating with distinction. He then went on to The University of Sunderland UK to study in the prestigious ‘David Puttnam’ Faculty of Film and Digital Media, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree and accolade of University Director of the Year Award.

Brian began writing and directing short films and documentaries in 2009 where as in, he discovered a creative voice of expression, akin to the sonic lament, however in the more visual form. A successful TV screening of the short drama ‘Gently Down The Stream’ combined with several prominent Film Festival screenings with ‘Outside The Box’ secured Brian a confident entry into the SDGI ‘Screen Directors Guild Ireland’ . Brian is currently engrossed in a unique opus…